(EASY Tip) Drop Your Wedge Shots Within Kick-in Range

(EASY Tip) Drop Your Wedge Shots Within Kick-in Range

Anthony Webber. Editor-at-Large. iGTN. Wedge Shots. Over the years we’ve seen tremendous leaps forward in golf club design. Drivers are pounding the ball farther and straighter than ever. Irons are easier and more forgiving to hit. Even putters have experienced amazing technological breakthroughs. But there’s one club in your bag that’s been left out of the mix…one that’s absolutely crucial to improving your game. You got it–the WEDGE.

It’s true. While all the other clubs in your bag get major advancements every year, the wedges tend to get–for lack of a better term–the shaft. We’re basically playing the same design our Dads’ were. And their Dads’, before that. The only difference is cosmetic changes. In fact, with the new groove requirements passed down in the last few years, wedge development has actually taken a dramatic step BACKWARD instead of forward.

Yeah, that’s right–they’ve made it even HARDER to score from within 100 yards (as if it wasn’t hard enough already).

Can you believe that baloney? However, all is not lost when it comes to innovative new wedge design… Because the folks at F2 Golf have come up with something that’s so radical–yet so incredibly simple–it’ll change the way you score from 100 yards in. FOREVER.

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Whoa. And I mean WHOA… This F2 SS Wedge is turning the golf industry on its ear, with a mind-blowing new design that’s transforming 20 handicappers into short game artists… I’m not kidding. This “dog-leg” hosel thing is nothing like we’ve ever seen before, and its turning heads on golf courses all over the world. And not just because of its classic good looks.

The real reason the F2 SS Wedge is causing jaws to drop is because of the results it produces. You’ll see exactly what I’m talking about here… 50% Off a shank-proof golf club It’s truly remarkable to watch… Balls nestled deep into greenside rough are popping out with ease and settling near the pin…bunker shots are now a breeze instead of a bother…even tight chips and pitches from the fairway come off crisp, soft, and on-line with the new F2 SS Wedge. The secret is in the hosel, which has been moved slightly back and out of the way. This prevents grass and sand from grabbing on and twisting your clubface to the right.

Now you can hit out of the nasty stuff with ease, knowing your clubhead will glide through and stay on line. And your scores? Let’s just say you’d better make some room in your wallet for more Nassaus… 50% Off a shank-proof golf club

Just imagine the looks on the faces of your weekly foursome when you start dropping your wedge shots within kick-in range (instead of leaving them woefully short or blading them past the green)–that’s what you get with the F2 SS Wedge… Be assured that they’ll start wandering over to your bag, looking for this new “magic club” you’re swinging and wondering where to get theirs. But it’s not magic. It’s just a better design that actually makes it MUCH EASIER to score from 100 yards in–instead of harder. And yes, it’s perfectly legal, from grooves to grip. You ready to be the first in your foursome to get one? 50% Off a shank-proof golf club

Great–I’ll see you on the first tee… Golfer’s RX

P.S. Remember–with the money back guarantee, this offer is a a virtual no-brainer… Because if you don’t see improvement in your short game with the F2 SS Wedge, just send it back and we’ll refund your entire payment. Case closed. Not every golf company can back up their products like that. But that’s how confident we are in this club, and how it can dramatically change your game forever.

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