Sound Advice Before You Make Your Sandals Golf Resorts Booking

Sound Advice Before You Make Your Sandals Golf Resorts Booking

Anthony Webber – Editor-at-Large iGolfTravelNews. Sandals Golf Resorts. Don’t buy the advertised lead-in ‘el cheapo’ rate, you’ll get exactly what you’re paying for! Do buy the Sandals ‘Butler Suite’ accommodations. Your Butler will get you a table reservation in the a la carte specialty restaurants even when your ‘el cheapo’ fellow guests are being told that the specialty restaurants are solidly booked for the remainder of the week.

There is a ‘privileged’ social pecking order at Sandals Golf Resorts. The “have-gots” are the guests with Sandals Butler Service – the “have-nots” are the guests who nickel and dimed themselves into paying for the ‘el cheapo’ package rate. If your travel agent doesn’t at least try to persuade you to upgrade and spend the extra on Butler Service – find another travel agent.

GolfAhoy-Sandals-Golf-Emerald-Bay-BahamasDo tip.  Yes, believe it or not, greasing a few strategic palms with a few dollars at the beginning of your stay will most assuredly get you prompt VIP service on every visit to the pool bar, in the restaurants or from the water sports personnel.

Do ask bartenders for your favorite top shelf ‘liquor brand’ beverage by name. If your toot of pleasure happens to be a gin and tonic ask for a “Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic”. If you don’t stipulate a top-shelf brand you’ll likely end up with a plonk pour.

Of course, once word spreads around amongst the staff that you are a ‘tipper’ you can expect top shelf pours with a great big smile from wait staff and bartenders throughout your stay at a Sandals Golf Resort.

Is the golf really free? Greens fees at most of the Sandals Golf Resorts are complimentary but at some Caribbean island locales, like Jamaica, for example, there is a mandatory caddie fee. As an aside, the caddies are a marvelous addition to your golf round and they’ll help you improve your game.

Invite your Butler out to dinner. Before you leave your Sandals Golf Resort take your Butler and his ‘significant-other’ out to dinner one night ‘off property’ as your guest if you are staying a week or longer. Set it up with your Butler and make the dinner reservation arrangements soon after you check in.

Sandals Golf Resorts Butlers are certified Guild of Professional English Butler trained for providing uncompromising standards of excellent service.

Your Sandals Butler will serve gourmet meals in your suite if you’d prefer to dine in. He’ll help you unpack and even press your attire. In short, your Sandals Butler will ensure everything is precise as you want it, whenever you want it.

You and your Butler are equipped with butler cell phones for on-demand service, so your Butler is always just a phone call away. Every guest request is discretely fulfilled with a highly attentive yet unobtrusive grace.

Your Sandals Golf Resort Butler will elevate your Sandals golf vacation to a total five star luxury holiday experience. Go for it. Spend large to live large!